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The Lord is the Wind Beneath My Wings Bracelet

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The Lord is the Wind Beneath My Wings Bracelet

Ronnie Needham 

My dad once told me God performs more miracles today than ever before, this is one such story.

I was in Knoxville, Tennessee the Spring after the University had won the NCAA national title in football.

I think it was 1998 when Dillard’s hired me to make a University of Tennessee bracelet to celebrate the national title. Dillard’s purchased 500 bracelets, I told them that 500 was nowhere near enough stock.  They had me do a personal, local TV appearance at 6 am before the store opened. I started making the orange bead and gold bead bracelets on TV.  The station would do some news and check back on me making bracelets, do the weather and then check back on the bracelet progress.  This was really fun teasing with the TV crew. I finished by 6.30 am.

I then met the store executives for a little breakfast and went into the store early before it opened. Well, in the parking lot were several thousand fans wanting the bracelet and cheering.  It was a mad house.  It was a huge celebration. I am thinking, oh my, this is great. I told management that you see we do not have near enough.

So, I said let’s hand out purchase numbers to those in line and the rest we will just take orders.

As we were wrapping it up, I was incredibly happy with 5,000 sales in a single day. Later that evening as I was driving around the city on the interstate, a blue light flashed behind me and a policeman pulled me and the car in front of me over.

The officer told us both to step out of the vehicle.  After we showed our papers, he took our driver’s licenses and went back to his car. The lady from the other vehicle started crying so I said it's not a big deal.  I did not see the reduced speed sign for the construction zone either.  She said you don’t understand.  She said my husband was killed in a car wreck and I am on my way to North Carolina to identify him and to bring him home. I'm like wow this is really bad so I told the lady to hold still, that I will be back.  I went over to the policeman and said excuse me, sir but I need to tell you something.

GIVE ME TWO TICKETS AND LET HER GO, SO THE CITY GETS THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY.  I said she really has had a bad day. The policeman explained and said, son, I would like to help you but I have already written her ticket and I can’t help you. 

I said well I'm going to my car. I have to give her something.  He said no you can’t do that.  I said that’s me on the front page of your newspaper and that’s my bracelet in the paper. I said I must give her something. He asks why. I said I do not know, sir but I went in my van and got out a $565.09 bracelet. I signed a gift box and put in my business card.

I went over and gave it to her.  She asked why I am giving her this.  I said something like, lady I don’t know. I don’t have a clue but all I know is that I'm supposed to give this to you and tell you the answer to your question is “yes”. She was like what are you talking about I again said, “Lady, the answer to your question is yes.”   She took her ticket and bracelet and drove off.

The policemen said, son I am mad at you.  Get in your van and follow me to the next exit.  He pulled into a Waffle House and asked if he could buy me a cup of coffee. I said okay, sure what is on your mind?

Now this is 100% true story.  He told me that he had told his wife after 25 years of being a policeman that he was going to quit. He said I do my job and the courts let them go. I am done.

He was having breakfast with his wife and she said let’s pray about it and they did.  She asked are you sure maybe you should still be a cop.  Maybe you just need a sign. So, he said if God wants me to be a cop, send me one good man. He told his wife that he had not seen a good man in years. 

He told me son you ruined my retirement. I am going to still be a policeman. We had coffee, exchanged phone numbers and became good friends and, in the years, to follow had coffee many times on my way to the Gatlinburg shows. Well 6 weeks passed after the incident and I received a letter in the mail.  The letter said that I am so sorry I have not written sooner but I was terribly busy getting my husband home for his funeral.  All I remember was that I was having an argument with God and told him that my husband and I did it all correct.  We were in church every week for 20 years, we taught Sunday school, helped all of our neighbors and now he was gone.  I don't believe in you anymore and God I'm hurting so if you exist I need a yes I can make it, and in my hour of need, God sent me a stranger who told me the answer to your question is yes.  Thank you for delivering God’s message in my time of need.

Wow three people all sharing a part of a Miracle.  Who says God does not work in mysterious ways?  I have been a part of 100’s of God's miracles.

In today's times, Miracles are all around us, if you only believe. I hope you see your that you are one of God’s greatest Miracles.  He gave you life.

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