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My Redeemer Lives Bracelet

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My Redeemer Lives Bracelet 

Ronnie Needham Brand Jewelry 

I told my Grandmother one day at her home in the Eastern Kentucky mountains that I felt bad for my cousin Henry. Henry was mentally handicapped and would always have a mind of a 6-year-old.

My grandmother said what God does not give you, sometimes you get more in other things and gave me this example.  Henry had an amazing way with all of God’s animals. I saw wild birds sit on his arms as he fed them.  All kinds of deer and squirrel would come up to Henry and just sit and let him pet them.  Henry called all of them his babies.  My grandmother said that no one else she had ever met could do this and it was amazing to see this miracle. 

My grandmother said do not feel sorry for Henry for his ticket to heaven was punched the day he was born but you must earn yours. Growing up poor and growing your own food in a garden, you appreciate family and church.   Life was hard with no running water or indoor bathroom.  We heated the house with a fireplace that burned wood and coal. The entire area was like this in Harlen County in Eastern Kentucky in the 1950’s and 60’s

I grew up learning about the Lord and about Jesus.  We all have a chance for Heaven and we only must accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. I want to spend eternity in Heaven with the Lord and my Mom and Dad. I think if you don’t know the Lord you should take a closer look and find out how to understand that Jesus died for us on the cross so that all of our sins are washed away. 

Jesus came, was crucified under Pontius Pilate (Pontius Pilatus) arose on the third day from the dead. Many people saw this miracle, as many saw Jesus's other Miracles. Now, about 2000 years have passed since then and we still see the writing and we still celebrate Easter.

MY REDEEMER LIFE I know where I will spend eternity

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